Citizen Access to the CIAA

Citizen Access to the CIAA

Design and Development of CIAA Application

The SOCH Nepal designed and developed a mobile application for the Commission for Investigation against Abuse of Authority (CIAA). The mobile application is designed for both iOS and Android Operating Systems. It has a dynamic and user-friendly interface with a good database framework. It also developed, an automation system like Content Management System (CMS) for CIAA to easily process complaints registered in the application and in the computer when necessary. The user manual with tools and configuration of the application was handed to the CIAA. This application automized the CIAAs system and made its work prompt and effective. It also helped it reach out to the public.

The general public can digitally register their grievances using the mobile application. The mobile application also lets them track their application process, hide their identity if wanted, provide the information on total grievances registered, cases filed in the court, and resoled cases. A citizen can also send audio, video, or image pieces of evidence to CIAA while registering the grievances.

This application follows the guidelines of the Privacy Act, 2075 (2018) and upholds people’s right to privacy. It helped people file their complaints and remain anonymous. It has different features other than a complaint. It has information about the various offices of CIAA, press release related to its work, news and notices, informative video, and info graphs of the complaints.

The mobile application is available at the link:


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