About Us

SOCH Nepal envisions ’a rational Nepali society wherein all people enjoy equal dignity as human being.’ To secure this vision, SOCH Nepal advocates reforming in policies and laws against all forms of harmful traditional practices (Kuriti) and superstition. It fights against corruption in all level. Thematically, SOCH Nepal works on: 1. Humanism 2. Governance 3. Dignity and Freedom (special focus on Harmful Traditions) 4. Livelihood Evidence-based advocacy and lobby, network and alliance strengthening, capacity building of beneficiaries and stakeholders, forging coordination and collaboration, promotion of livelihood of the underprivileged and marginalized community, all are major interventions that SOCH Nepal has adopted to ensure an effective outcome. SOCH Nepal works with lawmakers, national and sub-national government agencies, citizen and civil society organization, political parties, and the private sector to achieve the goal.