Regular Activities

  1. Humanism:

    SOCH Nepal believes in equal dignity of all human being. Only human being and the discovery of science can solve the human problem not any supernatural power. Humanism is a world view of Buddha and Jay Prithivi Bahadur Singh among various Humanists throughout world. SOCH Nepal runs various programs to promote Humanism such as: Publication, college seminars, network development, policy advocacy and celebration of major festivals of science and reason.

  2. Governance:

    Nepal has remained one of the poor but culturally and naturally rich country in the world. Bad-governance is the main reason behind almost all misery of Nepal. Accountability, Transparency and rule of law is always a key issues to deal with for civil society. Bribary, corruption and other ill practices are found rampant in government and culture. Thus, SOCH Nepal works towards strengthening the governance in all three level of governments of Nepal (local, provincial and federal level) . Mostly, SOCH Nepal is running programs such as: .lobby for open budget, Evidence based advocacy, policy advocacy, social audit, citizen participation, capacity development, CSO-law makers-media engagement, ICT based solutions, and Public Finance Management.

  3. Dignity and Freedom:

    SOCH Nepal strongly believes on democratic norms and values. People should have freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of conscience. They should be free to choose or not choose religion or belief. Not a single citizen of Nepal should be discriminated on the basis of caste, gender, sex, religion or belief or any other differentiation. In this working area, SOCH Nepal works on the issues such as; FoRB, Freedom of expression, Freedom of Though, Camapign against Untouchability, Campaign against Kurities (Harmful Traditional Practices) and Access to Justice. Despite the uniqueness, our culture has also become a means for violating human rights, especially the rights of dalit, women and children. Some customary practices are based on superstitions. As a result, people tolerate torture. These kinds of customary practices need to be eradicated because these practices are violating human rights. Only the eradication of such malpractices will help thousands of women and children live a life without fear of death and torture. SOCH Nepal is organizing following activities for ending Kuriti and superstition based violence.

  4. Livelihood:

    SOCH Nepal is one of the campaigners in livelihood promotion. SOCH has successfully completed ’Kamigaun Model village Program’ in Kavre. SOCH promotes people’s necessity based program in the community. SOCH will employ the following activities to promote livelihood, such as: Dalit Model village program, Capacity development trainings, Entrepreneurship Development, Cooperative promotion, skill development, agricultural growth etc..

  5. Cross-Cutting Issues:

    Youth, CSOs networking, WASH, …

SOCH Nepal promotes Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association, and Freedom of Speech to strengthen the democracy. Similarly, Freedom of Thoughts and Freedom of conscience is the equally important issue for SOCH Nepal.