Our Projects

Help Nepal to support victims of harmful traditional practices

Every year, in Nepal, caste-based discrimination and harmful traditional practices affect thousands of people from different vulnerable communities: widows, members of the so-called Dalit caste, alleged witches, and girl-children. The Society for Humanism Nepal (SOCH Nepal) is the only humanist organization in the country and has always been at the forefront of the campaign to tackle this inhumane persecution and to provide assistance to its victims. For example, a report from SOCH Nepal has found out that every year at least...

Access to Government Program in Health Ministry and CIAA

The World Health Organization (WHO) unwavering support for MoHP (Ministry of Health and Population) to fight against COVID-19 has given rise to the Hamro Swasthya mobile Application. It is designed and developed by a collaborative effort of a consortium comprising Progressive Engineers Association of Nepal, Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal, Naxa, Code for Core Innovations, Institute of Himalayan Risk Reduction, and IT Maps and Consult as per the need of MoHP. Hamro Swasthya, which runs in both android and IOS...

Every life matters: COVID-19) relief

In late 2019 COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization). Throughout the globe, many nations suffered from this highly contagious virus. However, Nepal remained safe. The scene changed in early 2021, as with the influx of migrant workers from the south. Nepal was not prepared to handle such a high volume of people. Thus, it acted as a recipe for spraying COVID-19. When the people returned to their respective homes, the first wave of COVID-19 began in...

Civil Society Mutual Accountability Program

SOCH Nepal implementing CS;MAP projects in Okhaldung, Gorkha and Kathmandu From 2017. The Civil Society: Mutual Accountability Project (CS:MAP) is a five year project (April 2016-April 2021) supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by FHI 360. CS: MAP’s with the goal to foster a more legitimate, accountable, and resilient Nepali civil society that is capable of advancing the public interest. SOCH Nepal has been implementing various programs, activities and campaigns  to strengthen the government for...

Humanist College Seminar on Critical Thinking

SOCH Nepal is continuously organizing seminars on critical thinking at various colleges. The events were organized with the objective to promote Scientific way of thinking to end various forms of injustices and discriminations. This also develops innovative thinking among youth.

Humanist Yearbook program

SOCH Nepal is continuously publishing Humanist Year to promote the philosophical aspect of Humanism. The book covers the different themes each year such as witch-craft, scientific thinking, religion etc.. each year.

Days Celebration

SOCH Nepal also celebrates key events such as Darwin’s day, 16 days campaign against GBV, Women’s day, and day against racial discrimination day, and Humanist Day to mark solidarity to global justice and Humanist movement.

Humanist Model Village Program-2

SOCH Nepal implemented the Humanist Model Village Phase 2  program at Mahottari from 2011 to 2013 with the support of Growing Nepal Foundation (GNF). The project had identified most marginalized 40 Musahar Families. The program touches all walks of life from the community in health, education and income generation activities.

Youth Camps

SOCH Nepal organizes annual youth camps for leadership development where youth also learn about critical thinking. They will get an opportunity to interact with successful people from different fields.

Breaking Bad Traditions Project

SOCH Nepal is launching programs to organize victims of Kurities to fight against it. SOCH provides access to justice using various means and creating pressure through pressure groups.