SOCH Nepal influences on quality education in kageshwori

SOCH Nepal influences on quality education in kageshwori

CA meeting dated March 28, 2018, questioned the transparency of scholarship to the students to Dalit and poor children. In addition, the meeting discussed the miserable quality of the public education. Economically marginalized local are forced to send their children to private school paying high fees crossing the free public school next door due to poorquality of education in public schools. SOCH Nepal raised that issue to the Mayor of the Kageshwori Manohara. The municipality took the issue seriously and discussed with the chair of the education section of the municipality. The chair of Education Section of the municipality invited the experts from the municipality including professors and political activists to discuss the concern of the local people regarding the quality of public schools.

The municipality has formed the Education Reform Committee to conduct a research to identify the reasons behind sinking the quality of local public schools.

SOCH Nepal conducted Public Expenditure Tracking survey (PETs) and Participatory Evidence-Based Action Research in some public schools to track fare and timely distribution of scholarship of public schools as to understand the public school’s performance based the findings, SOCH Nepal provided the recommendation to the municipality to improve the quality of education. After the research, SOCH Nepal will conduct policy advocacy to improve the quality of education of the public schools in collaboration with stakeholders utilizing the findings.

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