LDAG makes health-Post functional

LDAG makes health-Post functional

Locals from Jyamire almost stopped visiting village health-post due to losing the confidence of able to meet Health-post staff. They had to either return home bearing the disease or go to town (headquarter) spending 2 hours for the treatment.

After SOCH Nepal’s formation of LDAG on June 2017, the members of LDAG are able to learn about health as a fundamental right, government to be accountable to ensure the basic health facilities, right to information, participation on planning and budgeting etc. The facilitator, of the LDAG from Ms.Saraswoti Baniya realized that they act to end the misery.

The issue of lack of health-post staff enabling to get service was raised in the LDAG meeting on December 5, 2017. The group decided to act to open their health-post. They invited ward chief Mr. Dan Bahadur Baniya in the next meeting dated January 28, 2018. In the next meeting, the LDAG members raised their problem to the ward chief of Sidhicharan municipality-9, Jyamire and demanded Health-post staff urgently. He expressed his commitment to settle this problem within one month.

Later, the group members raised the same concern in the event of ‘Public Hearing’ organized by Sidhicharan Municipality. The Mayor and the ward chief committed to the urgent management of the Health-staff.  

Sensationally, District Health Office sent Health Assistant to the health-post of Jyamire within a month. Due to public concern staff’ also started to come office on time. Now, the community is able to ensure the functionality of the local health-post.

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