A Model Initiation on Waste Management

A Model Initiation on Waste Management

Issue of Waste Management has been mainstream issue in city area these days as waste has made negative impact on local people’s health. The concern of waste management was raised in the Common Assembly meeting of Gorkha municipality-8 since most of the members were confused about what to do with the home based waste, which was lying stinky every day.

Considering the concern raised by CA members, SOCH Nepal initiated a wakeup call to organize skill training on waste management. Local Ama Samuha and Youth group joined the hand with Common Assembly and SOCH Nepal.

SOCH Nepal requested the Gorkha Municipality for organizing waste management training in collaboration with SOCH Nepal. Municipality was happy to provide experts for the training since it was request by local Ama Samuha and youth group. Mr. Dhurba Ghimire, Environment Officer of the municipality delivered the training to local residents in August 18, 2018. The program facilitated by Mohasin Alimiya the Gorkha District Officer of SOCH Nepal who shared the examples of other municipalities on effective waste management.

The participants learned the process of separating biodegradable and non-degradable waste. Further, Ghimire trained all the participants to separate biodegradable and non-degradable waste. He said, “at least 40% of waste can be reduced just by separating of bio-degradable and non-degradable waste”. Participants also learn to make handicrafts utilizing non-degradable waste.

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The training went so well that participants immediately decided to start scientific waste management initiation in the village. On the same day, the participants made a schedule to clean their village once in a month.

 After a week of the orientation a cleaning campaign was launched in the presence of ward no. 8 chief Mr. Krishna Bahadur Khatri. Mr. Khatri committed to help the campaign in any kind if necessary. They decided to make the ward no. 8 a model ward as model ward in Waste management and Environment friendly.

The session was followed by the orientation of Mr. Bijaya Bhakta Upadhya, Social Development Officer of the Municipality on the process and procedures of  receiving  budget through users group Upabhokta Samiti. This orientation helped to empower the Ama Samuha to get the fund for the development of their locality.

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