Eight killed by Harmful Traditional Practices (Kurities)

Eight killed by Harmful Traditional Practices (Kurities)

SOCH Nepal has published the report on impact of Harmful Traditional Practices (Kuriti) in Nepal between April-June, 2018.

Nepal is a Hindu majority country having grave traditional practices that violates Human Rights. Many people lose the right to lives due to the Kuriti. SOCH Nepal’s findings show that one person is killed in each 25 day in the name of Harmful Traditional Practices.

SOCH Nepal scans the daily national newspapers to findout the cases of harmful traditional practices happening in different parts of the country. The collection of date is publishes in the form of report quarterly in order to make stakeholders realize the urgency of the matter.

In this quarter, SOCH Nepal found 65 occurrences of Harmful Traditional Practices (Kurities) related violence. Among them, 15 are child marriage, 6 are Chaupadi, 16 are untouchability, 3 are witch-hunting, 8 cases of gender based discrimination, 4 related to polygamy, 10 cases of dowry and, each cases of Kamalari, Jibro Chedne Pratha and Shamanism. Unfortunately, 3 whole villagers are suffered by harmful traditional practices in Nepal in this quarter only.

In this period, eight people lost their lives due to various harmful traditional practices (Kurities). Among them, 5 women are killed due to dowry issue, 1 women had to lose the life due to untouchability, 1 girl lost the life due to Kamalari cult and 1 women due to Chaupadi cult.  Further, 4 men and 12 women became the severe victim of physical assault by the mobs.

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