SA Tool orientation to Local reps.

SA Tool orientation to Local reps.


SOCH Nepal organized Social Accountability tools orientation on Molung Gaunpalika of Okhaldhunga on September 13, 2018. The orientation was chaired by chair of Molung Gaunpalika Mr. Maniram Rai. On the orientation the Administrative Officer Krishna Hari Poudel, ward chairs, the Principals of Secondary schools, teachers and chair of Management Committee of Secondary School participated.

On the orientation, the facilitator facilitated Public Hearing, Social Audit, Public Audit, PETs, and Rights to information. Importance of applying Social Accountability Tools and policies and procedures were oriented to the participants.  Netra Prasad Bhattarai, the Headmaster of Rangadip Secondary School said the program was really fruitful and requested Gaunpalika to organize the similar programs at least 2 days. Similarly, the chair of Management Committee of Rangadip Secondary School Kul Bahadur Khatri highlighted ” Before the training he has understanding of conducting the social audit of the school as formality however this orientation helps to open up the eyes that the use of social tools help on improving the quality of schools on sustainable way”.

Pradip Kumar Baniya, the chair of Molung Gaunpalika- highlighted to the need to organize similar kinds of orientation with the participation of health post representatives, representatives from primary schools.

Likewise, Deputy Chair of Gaunpalika Hem Kumari Tamang committed to implement the Social Accountability in the Molung Gaunpalika. Likewise, Chief Executive Officer appreciated the orientation as one of the best orientation he received in his entire life. This orientation helps to ensure the use of Social Accountability tools in the working areas to promote governance.

At the end of the program, the chief of Molung Gaunpalika, Maniraj Rai requested to conduct same program program in future, he further accentuated that his Gaunpalika is ready for managing logistic for organizing another orientation on SA tools primarily with the participation of representatives of health post and primary schools. At the end of the program, the feedbacks of the program also collected. The Capacity Development Specialist of NEPAN Mr.Gobinda Poudel  and District Coordinator of SOCH Nepal Bodh Naraya Shrestha facilitated the orientation.


SOCH Nepal and Gorkha Municipality jointly organized two-day long orientation program on Social Accountability (SA) tools in Gorkha district on 2-3 September 2018. The orientation was targeted to all representatives of the Gorkha Municipality, civil society and team of District Coordination Committee of Gorkha.

A total of 36 participants including Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Ward chairs and members, representatives of PPWG and CA, chair of Health Shakha of Shahid Lakhan Gaunpalika also participated in the orientation program.

The orientation was concentrated on importance and mandatory provision for use of SA tools in local level. Orientation intended the thorough understanding of application of Public Hearing, Social Audit and Public Audit, PETS, Right to information and Community Score Card.

After the orientation program, Mayor of Gorkha Rajan Raj Panta made a commitment to apply SA tools for ensuring effective public service delivery and to promote good governance on entire Gorkha Municipality. Furthermore, he acknowledged the need for SOCH Nepal’s support for the promotion and application of SA tools in the future. After the program, chief of Shahid Lakhan Gaunpalika requested SOCH Nepal to organize same orientation program on his Gaunpalika. The other gaunpalika also assured at least the half of the financial contribution to conduct SA Tools orientation.

The Capacity Development Specialist of NEPAN- Gobinda Poudel District Officer SOCH Nepal District Officer Mohasin Alimiya and Admin/Accounting Officer Sushil Bhattarai facilitated the orientation. 

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