SOCH Nepal’s Capacity Enhancement through OCA

SOCH Nepal’s Capacity Enhancement through OCA

SOCH Nepal conducted the 2nd OCA on May 01-05, 2018 facilitated by NEPAN which evaluated the organizational capacity in seven domains: Organization, Governance, leadership, management, Human Resource Management, Administration and finance, Resource mobilization and sustainability and External Relations.

SOCH Nepal’s board members, key staffs, and advisor actively participated during the OCA meet. Altogether 14 participants participated on the assessment including four female. The second OCA has reviewed the progress of the last year Institutional Improvement Plan (IIP) and rescored on 7 domains on 39 indicators. The OCA assessment analyzed organizational strengths and areas of improvement for strengthening organizational capacity for sustainability and improved internal governance.

At the end of the OCA, action plan was developed and SOCH Nepal has been implementation the OCA based on the set timeline. The assessment showed the significant improvement on scores from 2.3 to 2.8 that clearly show SOCH Nepal enhanced 

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