PETS on scholarship distribution

PETS on scholarship distribution

SOCH Nepal conducted PETs in local schools of Okhaldhunga and Kathmandu. It was  conducted in collaboration with Education Unit of of Kageshori Manohara Muncipality and District Education Office of Okhaldhunga. SOCH Nepal reviewed the following policy document to understand the policy provision of scholarship.

·      Education Act 2028 9th amendment

·      Education Regulation 2059

·      School Scholarship Management Directive 2074

·      Poor Targeted scholarship implementing Guidebook 2074

·      Program Implementation Book 2074-075 public by Education Department

SOCH Nepal collected the documents of total budget allocated for the scholarship, scholarship receipts, meeting minutes and other related documents. Following gaps were identified after the assessment.

The school has not formed separate committee for scholarship distribution

Ø  Scholarship was not distributed on time

Ø  School did not publish notice prior to scholarship distribution.

Ø  The list of students were not publicly displayed.

Ø  Headings of the scholarship was not transparent.

Ø  Lack of monitoring and evaluation from municipality was observed

Ø  Sometimes the scholarship was distributed to other than listed students

Ø  In previous years the scholarship amount diverted to other headings

Ø  Lack of Coordination among Teachers parents committee (Shikshak Abhibhabak Sang) and management committee on scholarship.

Ø  Headmaster, students and the school management Committee is unaware about the policy provision of scholarship distribution

Ø  Previous year’s Scholarship was distributed to the next year

Ø  The requested amount of scholarship did not release on time

Ø  Scholarship is not distributed every year instead paid in gaps

Ø  No scholarship sub-committee was formed to distribute scholarship.

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