Common Assembly initiates to improve Health post

Common Assembly initiates to improve Health post

The Common Assembly meeting of Shahid Lakhan Gaunpalika-7 raised vivid problem faced in Bungkot public Health Post. The Citizen Charter was not posted in the health post.

Then, Common Assembly (CA) members conducted meeting with Management Committee and Health-post in-charge. CA members demanded to establish Citizen Charter in Nepali language. Finally, the Health post Management Committee agreed for printing and displaying the Citizen Charter.

One of the beneficiaries, Ms Urmila Ranamagar said the newly established Citizen Charter made easy to get information about the services available in Health Post.

The ward chief of Shahid Lakhan Gaunpalika-7, Mr. Sharan Shrestha thanked SOCH Nepal and its district coordinator Mr. Mohasin Ali Mia for helping to identify such issues to improve public service delivery of Shahid Lakhan-7.

The health post has displayed the list of medicine in Nepali language instead of English so that each people could understand the name and propose of the medicine. The CA members raised the issue to management committee of Health Post which was followed by displaying list of free medicine in Nepali language. List of medicine are listed in front of Health Post office.  

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