88 suffered, 8 killed by kurities in Nepal

88 suffered, 8 killed by kurities in Nepal

88 violence incidents published through the national media due to kurities(improper cultural practices). Kurities took a life of eight people during the three month of period. Women and youth were the most venerable group from the kuriti.

SOCHNepal conducted media monitoring from January 1, 2019, to March 30, 2019 from the national daily newspapers. Eighty-eight people suffered from the kurities, child marriage 44, untouchability 17, chaupadi 12, multi marriage, witchcraft 03 and gender-based discrimination 2 people mentally and physically suffered from kurities. During the period, 7 women and one boy killed by kurties. Two man and 3 women physically tortured and 59 people suffered from mental torture. During the period, 15 communities and 1 school also suffered from the kurities.

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