CA initiation for clean Gorkha

CA initiation for clean Gorkha

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CA of Gorkha Municipality -8 frequently raised the issue of ineffective waste management system with ward chair.  In the initiation of SOCH Nepal, the cleaning campaign was already started in ward -8 after providing Waste management training on August 18, 2018.  The Namuna Pratikshalaya Tole Bikash Samiti already started to clean in every month. After the waste management training, local people started to separate degradable and non-degradable waste. They also request to provide 50% subsidy to establish compost bin in every house. Local government accepted their request and provided 50% subsidy and 50% contribution from local people.  Now, every house of ward-8 has compost bin and they are using the organic fertilizer on their garden vegetable farming. The initiation helped the historical city clean as well as making them healthy by eating organic vegetable from their garden.

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The CA meeting of Dec 05, 2018 decided to handover the attention letter to expand the waste management system effective to the other ward municipality.  As per the decision, the CA handover the attention letter to ward chair of Gorkha municipality-8. 

CA and coalition members conducted meeting with Gorkha Municipality to expand this campaign to the other ward of Gorkha Municipality. Accepting the requesting of local structures, Gorkha Municipality provided Waste Management orientation to 39 Tole Bikash organizations on Jan 20, 2019. On the orientation program, Rajan Raj Pant, the Mayor highlighted on making Gorkha is possible after changing the behavior by separating the degradable and non-degradable waste. The orientation supported to make effective waste management system in Gorkha Municipality. The locals are taking ownership on the issue waste management due to the issue raised by them. Mohasin Alimiya, District Officer expressed his happiness for making the campaign successful on the bridging of SOCH Nepal between local people and service providers.

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