LDAG initiation for budget analysis for the target group

LDAG initiation for budget analysis for the target group

SOCH Nepal provided orientation about the 7 step planning to the LDAG members of Jyamire, Okhaldhunga on April 22, 2018. SOCH Nepal’s District coordinator Mr. BN Shrestha oriented on the benefits of taking part in the planning as well as 7 steps of planning process on LDAG meeting. It is often complained that the local level do not ensure the participation of marginalized people on the planning process however I was lucky to got the opportunity to participate on the planning process said Kopila Wagle, the LDAG members of Jyamire of Sidhicharan Municipality.

The members participated in the planning process demanded to allocate budget for women and children. At least, the ward office allocated few budget for women and children welfare. The LDAG members’ raised concern of inadequate budget for women and children. The LDAG facilitator Saraswoti Baniya and District Officer conducted informal meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Sidhicharan Municipality and ward chief of Sidhicharan-9, they conveyed the concern of LDAG members about inadequate allocation of budget for women and children.

After the series of meetings, the ward chief agreed to allocate budget in a condition that LDAG would be called as Women Network (Mahila Sanjal). Now, the LDAG has been taking initiation to reform the Mahila Sanjal(Women Network) so that they can utilize the budget from wards for women empowerment.

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