CA assists for local justice

CA assists for local justice

The CA of Shahid Lakhan Gaupalika of Gorkha received a complaint that local residence of ward no. 7 could not get the delivery allowance assured by the law. Anju Thapa gave birth to her child in Bungkot Health post of Shahid Lakhan Gaunpalika-7 in Gorkha in 2073 B.S but she did not get the allowance but she was asked to sign a document which claimed that she received Rs. 1500 as the delivery allowance.  She demanded the allowance but denied several times by health post in-charge. The claim and denial continued for 1.5 years.

She made the complaint in CA meeting conducted on February 4, 2017. CA found similar cases in the past. After the same meeting, CA members went to Bungkot Healt-post and pressurized authorized person to provide allowance ASAP. Unfortunately, the in charge who took her money was already transferred to another Health Post. With the help of new in charge, the CA was able to get justice to receive her delivery allowance after 1.5 years. The new health-post in-charge and Senior Management Committee promised that such fraud will not repeat in future. The health post in charge and ward chief of Shahid Lakhan Gaunpalika appreciated the initiation of CA to resolves the public concerns.

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