National Campaign against Kuriti

National Campaign against Kuriti

Generally, culture is considered as ‘holy’ because it is the reality to individuals ascribed by culture. There are many good learnings from the culture. Culture becoming advanced and human friendly becomes civilized culture. But if the culture is also promoting discrimination, violence and injustice, we should name them as ‘Kuriti’ or Harmful Traditional Practices. Such as witch-hunting is Kuriti in Nepal and some other countries. Some aspects of culture are fully based upon superstition rather than rationality. Kurities are accepted as an holy yet inherent part of the culture.

SOCH Nepal has started a campaign to identify such Kurities directly discriminating and suppressing members of the community to make the community aware of it and fight against it finally. SOCH Nepal has identified more than 73 Kurities throughout Nepal. It works together with national commissions and lawmakers to break the Kurities. SOCH has formed a network of stakeholders in 33 districts to fight Kurities.

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