Dignity & Freedom

Media Monitoring and report publication on Kuriti

SOCH Nepal is constantly monitoring the issues of Kurities in Nepal published in printed and online media. Those events of Kurities are recorded in a format. Based upon those monitoring SOCH Nepal publishes the quarterly report on Kurities and their effect in Nepal. The report is well recognized by national and international agencies. UN has well recognized SOCH Nepal’s findings in its UPR reports.

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Gandarva cultural promotion program

One of the key issues of SOCH Nepal is to fight untouchability. Dalits are the most skilled cultural group of Nepal but facing inhuman discrimination of untouchability at the same time. Gandarvas are the cultural group of people who traditionally hold the legacy of the music industry of Nepal. SOCH Nepal works with Gandarva to promote the Nepali folk musical culture among Nepali people. One of the key events of the program is to organize music competitions and honoring them.

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National Campaign against Kuriti

SOCH Nepal with collaboration with National WOmen’s commission conducted nationwide research to identify the Kurities. Local people were invited to brief the local kurities they have experienced. Those were listed and further investigated prior to listing as Kuriti. A detail research booklet was published after the field survey.

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