Working Areas

Humanism: Humanism is the ideal  lifestyle for fighting against improper, degrading, inhumane and corrupt practices, which are present within Nepali society. The elimination of such practices will improve the lives of many members of Nepali society. Furthermore, the beauty of Nepal’s rich and diverse cultural history will be restored.

Secularism: The term secularism is misunderstood in Nepal. Since majority of Nepali people are Hindu, they consider secularism as an attack to Hinduism by Christians.  Interestingly, Christians are demanding for secular Nepal. But their view is totally different when we talk about Christian countries. As a Humanist organization, SOCH Nepal lobbied for secular Nepal before the election of constitution assembly in Nepal. There were many minority groups who pressurized government drafting a secular constitution. As a result, Nepal declared itself a youngest secular country. SOCH Nepal runs several campaigns on institutionalization of secularism for rights of minorities

Interfaith Tolerance: Often social conflict arises by not understanding that faith is personal. Nepal has experiences some incidents of inter-religious clashes. Some have already lost their life due to that clash. As a Humanist organgization, SOCH Nepal is working among religious leaders to create dialogues and communications to accepts the diversity of faiths in society. This initiation has helped a lot to maintain peace in wider society.

Kuriti (Improper Cultural Practices): Nepal is a culturally colorful country. Its culture are the heritage. However, culture also holds a dark side for the progress of Nepali society. Many practices labeled as ‘cultural’ or ‘customary’, which are protected within the society as ‘traditions’, are in reality harmful to human dignity. Discrimination based on ethnic, caste and religious grouping can also lead to the marginalization of minority groups and vulnerable members of society. Therefore the Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal has adopted the Humanist philosophy to create a society free from discrimination, inequality and injustice on the basis or race, caste, gender or religion. It is the leading organization for promoting Humanism within Nepal. As Humanism promotes ethical and non-discriminatory approach to all individual people, placing a greater importance of equality of individuals than religious dogma; therefore it is an ideal approach for social inclusion within Nepal. SOCH Nepal is committed to the empowerment of marginalized groups including women and dalits, and as an organization has been conducting actives to reduce discriminatory behavior due to religion.

Good governance: Government organizations in Nepal are often criticized of being disinclined, corrupt, and non-transparent and of freezing public funds. Rather than ongoing criticism, it is our responsibility of increasing professionalism and justify these allegations with facts and data in order to reform the public service delivery. Only fact-based suggestions will allow the government to effectively review the disparities in their governance. The two major pillars of democracy, the government and civil society, should be working in partnership to address disparities and deliver the essence of democracy to each citizen. Ultimately, SOCH should be bridging the gap between government agencies and marginalized society.SOCH Nepal has organized a team of journalists, social workers, researchers and activists to campaign for good governance. The whole campaign is lunching different activities to influence policy makers, bureaucrats and people in general. 

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