Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet; the scenery, the culture, and the humble people. Nepali society is a fine example of diversity, peace, and respect. As an under-developed nation situated between two of the world’s biggest economies, India and China, Nepal is an ideal country to volunteer. Furthermore, there is a wide range of volunteer opportunities available, from social world to technical contribution. The Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal is a leading non-governmental organization working towards social transformation in Nepal.

Furthermore, leading international and national intellectuals are members of SOCH Nepal. SOCH Nepal is working on a policy level through to grass roots community work in Nepal. Volunteers choose to work with SOCH Nepal for various reasons; they may have an interest in community and social work in Nepal, or an active interest in Humanism and it’s applications. As a result SOCH Nepal has been host to a diverse range of volunteers; from different countries, of a wide range of ages and varying professions. Unlike maybe other NGOs in Nepal and Asia who host volunteers, SOCH Nepal does not have a prescribed volunteer program. Instead, SOCH Nepal is interested in what a volunteer has to offer the organization and tailor volunteer work to take the greatest advantage of those offering their time. SOCH Nepal will provide assistance in accommodation in Kathmandu. Furthermore, the SOCH Nepal Team will be willing to help in the arrangement of other activities in Nepal, such as sight-seeing. Testimonials from previous SOCH volunteers can be viewed here: Volunteer Testimonials If you are interested in becoming a SOCH Nepal Volunteer please download and complete the following form and email it, along with a current CV, to sochnepal@gmail.com with the subject heading “Volunteer SOCH”.