Warm greetings from the Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal, a secular Humanist organization based in Nepal, which aims to promote humanism and a humanistic life stance within Nepal. SOCH Nepal has a wide representation in Nepali society, including marginalized and female members within its executive board. SOCH Nepal was founded in 2005; within its short life, SOCH Nepal has already earned national and internal recognition within the humanist movement. The society is devoted to promoting humanism according to the Amsterdam Declaration 2002; SOCH has already carried out various activities to create awareness of humanism among the Nepali people.

SOCH Youth Team

SOCH Youth elects its body each second year. 

President: Ms. Nabina Maharjan

V.President: Mr. Kiran Khatri

Secretary: Ms. Sanjina Rai

Treasurer: Ms. Bandana Dhakal

Members: Mr. Sujan Thapamagar, Mr. Rupen Majhi, Ms. Deepa Joshi

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