Campaign against Kuriti and Superstition

In Nepalese society, culture is considered as ‘holy’ because it identifies an individual’s roots. However, the culture has also become a means for violating human rights, especially the rights of women and children. Culture recommends people to carry out various actions, most of which are based on superstitions. As a result, people tolerate torture. These kinds of customary practices need to be eradicated because these practices are violating human rights. Only the eradication of such malpractices will help thousands of women and children live a life without fear of death and torture. SOCH Nepal is organizing following activities for ending Kuriti and superstition based violence. 

1.    Policy Advocacy

2.    Awareness

3.    Organize and Organize victims

4.    Research and publication

5.    TV show

Secularism and Tolerance

SOCH Nepal rejects both ideas; religious state and proselytization. The term ‘secularism’ means separation of religion and state. Nepal was a Hindu country for a long period. Constitution, institutions, law, politics, justice system and social behaviors were shaped according to Hindu mythologies. That concept neglected the rights of a minority religion and non-religious citizens. Yet after the promulgation of the constitution in 2072, there are various legal provisions that directly or indirectly violate the fundamental rights of citizen of a minority group in Nepal. Thus, SOCH Nepal would like to work to assure the rights of a minority group and promote their rights and dignity.

Similarly, SOCH Nepal works towards ensuring inter-religious harmony in the society by creating frequent dialogue and exchanges. This will help to create multicultural acceptance among various religious groups of Nepal. Following activities are carried-out to institutionalize secularism and promote interfaith tolerance. 

1.    Research and publication

2.    Awareness

3.    Policy advocacy

4.    inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue

5.    Inter-faith cultural exchanges

6.    TV Show


Practice of good governance in government departments of Nepal has remained key issues of concerns since many decades. SOCH Nepal intends to strengthen the government stakeholders and civil society actors for ensuring effective public service delivery and resources use. SOCH Nepal is focused on Education, Health, Agriculture and Disaster sector governance promotion in Nepal. SOCH Nepal is organizing series of campaigns to strengthen government for effective delivery of national service to people in general. 

1.    Evidence based advocacy

2.    National and sub-national governance strengthening

3.    Capacitating CSOs for coordination and monitoring

4.    E-Governance

5.    People’s participation on decision making

6.    Empowering marginalized such as Dalits and Women


SOCH Nepal is one of the campaigner in livelihood promotion. SOCH has successfully completed ’Kamigaun Model village Program’ in Kavre. SOCH promotes people’s necessity based program in the community. SOCH will employ following activities to promote livelihood.

1.    Capacity development training

2.    Income generating activities for enhancing production level in the underprivileged and marginalized community

3.    Skill development

4.    Peer learning