About Us

Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal

Vision of SOCH: To provide a rational society to the Nepali people, in which all members enjoy equal status as human beings.


Mission of SOCH: To foster happiness, prosperity and equality among all people.


 Goal of SOCH 

• To promote a scientific way of life

• To promote Good Governance, democracy and justice with humanist values

• To promote humanistic and ethical practices

• To raise awareness about individual human obligation


Objectives of SOCH

  •  Promotion of the fundamental values of humanism: non-violence, co-existence, ethics, mutual assistance and amity.
  •  Advocate for human development, global human rights and justice
  •  Promotion of Good Governance.
  • Promotion of science and critical thinking
  • Eradication of gender discrimination, the caste system, superstitions, corruption and improper rituals, through awareness campaigns and an intellectual revolution.
  •  Coordination of different humanist programs in collaborations with global humanist organizations.
  • Provision of research, training and awareness programs for the promotion of d

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