स्वागत छ । सोच नेपाल मानववादी सिद्धान्तमा आधारित नागरिक संस्था हो जसले १. शुसासन २. वैज्ञानिक सोच प्रणाली ३. मानव अधिकार र ४. कुरीति र कुसँस्कार विरुद्ध देशैभर काम गर्दछ । यो संस्था २०६२ सालमा स्थापना भएको हो । स्थापनाको छोटो समयमा यस संस्थाले स्थानीय तथा नीति निर्माताका बिचमा धेरै काम गरेको छ । सोच नेपाल अन्तराष्ट्रिय मानववादी संजालको  सदस्य हो ।

Warm greetings from the Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal, a Humanist non-profit organization that advocates for 1. Governance 2. Scientific thinking 3. Human Rights and, 4.Reducing the suffering caused by superstition and imposed beliefs. SOCH Nepal was established in 2005; within its short life, SOCH Nepal has already earned significant outcomes in policy as well as grass-root level. SOCH Nepal is affiliated to universal Humanist bodies as well as National alliances to jointly campaign for the cause.


Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet; the scenery, the culture, and the humble people. Nepali society is a fine example of diversity, peace, and respect. As an under-developed nation situated between two of the world’s bigg

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Warm greetings from the Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal, a secular Humanist organization based in Nepal, which aims to promote humanism and a humanistic life stance within Nepal. SOCH Nepal has a wide representation in Nepali society, including marginalized and female members


SOCH Nepal produces series of videos on vivid mind bubbling issues. We debunk the dogmas. We promote the science and rationality to achieve the aim of peaceful and tolerant society. Please watch our videos on Youtube stream.


Policy Review Meeting

SOCH and Mitra are organizing a workshop on Policy Review between 25-28 August. 

CA ICT use workshop

SOCH and KLL are jointly organizing CA ICT use meeting in August 17-18


यसले मानववाद के हो भन्ने सामान्य जानकारी दिन्छ । सोच नेपालले प्रकाशन गरेको पहिलो पुस्तक हो । यो पुस्तक डाउनलोड गर्न यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोला। मानववादी हाते पुस्तिका:  यसले मानववाद के हो भन्ने सामान्य जानकारी दिन्छ ।  सोच नेपालले प्रकाशन गरेको पहिलो पुस्तक हो । यो पुस्तक डाउनलोड गर्न यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोला             

This book is dedicated to all those who have suffered from the evils of kuriti and all those who are currently fighting against superstition and kuriti . Please click here to download the book.  

This book exposes the businesses  relied on the prejudice of  superstition in Nepali society. It tries to demystify the existing violence based on unrealistic myth.  Please press यहाँ थिच्नु होला  to download the book. 

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यही पुस ३ गते अछाममा छाउपडिको कारणले  कक्षा ९ मा अध्यनरत किशोरीको मृत्य

Good Governance-Talk Show

Good Governance-Talk Show

SOCH Nepal organized a talk show entitled "Good Governance" at SOCH Nepal's office on 10

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हिन्दुत्वको भयानक आयात

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